Andrey Plis

The practitioner and instructor of yoga and Thai massage. Climber, snowboarder - free rider diver. AkroYog. Traveler. Photographer. Sailed. Certainly much more ... Perhaps mythical character and pure space, but exactly exist in reality. Sometimes like a lion. But loves to swim.


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Maria Gamaleeva

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(Русский) Мария Иванова

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Maria Korotkova

Beautiful Maria (Be-in-Acroyoga, Moscow AcroFamily)

Teacher acro-yoga, stretching, yoga was trained in India and Bali. Studying somatic movement.

Acro-yoga practice since 2010 (the beginning of one of the first in Russia), studied with the founder of the acro-yoga Jason Nemer (USA), Pau Kastelsage (Spain), Dickey Becker (Netherlands), Daniel Scott (USA), Dutch -Akro: Bart and Kirsty (Belgium), Laax (Acro Seattle, USA), Yanai Levor (Israel) and others.

Teacher Moscow Center Yoga and Dance I-Yoga. Project creator Be-In-Acroyoga, participant Moscow AcroFamily. The organizer of the annual seminars Dance & Acro.

holds seminars on acro yoga in Moscow, New-Urengoy, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kaluga, Sevastopol, Montenegro, Abkhazia. I conduct regular classes in Moscow.

Akroyoga - people! It unites the hearts of people around the world. For me it's a labor of love, which I try to do with an open heart, which gives me a huge boost for self-development and movement. Akroyoga - this is happiness!

Svyatoslav Lobanov

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Emilia Stanevich

I started practicing yoga since 1999. I am also more than ten years in the martial arts of different styles and acrobatics. Since 2008, I started teaching hatha yoga and the joint exercises. In 2008, in the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand for the first time I touched AkroYoge. Charming Englishwoman with Thai roots Jackie Van for the first time gave me a therapeutic mission. She also said that she had in London has its own studio AkroYogi. When I returned to Moscow, I wanted to continue the practice. However, at that time in Russia AkroYogu nobody practiced. Unfortunately, contact Jackie was also lost her e-mail is not answered. Three years later, I met with people as well as I am interested in AkroYogoy, and realized that it was time to realize my dream. I started, and soon she spend acro presentations and seminars.

In 2012-2013. I attended a seminar certified instructors AkroYogi Kastelsage Pau (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Dickey Bikker (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and four-course dive in AkroYogu, including course-dive into the basics of acrobatics with the American founder Jason Nemer AkroYogi. In September 2012 I started to conduct regular classes AkroYoge for children and adults. In July 2013 I received an international certificate Master AkroYogi and August 2013 assisted Jason Nemer on course-immersion in the basics AkroYogi during his first visit to Russia. In April 2014, I received a certificate in traditional Thai massage from the international community Sunshine Network. C 2014 AkroYogi am a teacher in Moscow Acro Family.

When a minute to spare, I love doing AkroYogoy with their children. My dream - to organize a class, and then create a school AkroYogi where adults and children can engage in this wonderful and fun practice all together. For me AkroYoga - a way of life and happiness - is communication and the desire to share their skills with others.

Yaroslav Tua

Practicing yoga since August 2011 (hatha and ashtanga). That not enough has helped to change my life for the better. Acro came to me January 2012 and since then flew the soul to heaven ...

Over the past couple of years AkroYoga so strongly penetrated into my life without it already does. The lion's share of time in it - I have dedicated training, practice and teaching acrobatic section AkroYogi.

During this time has passed: - 1 Ticher trennig AcroYoga (tm) (Level 1); - 3 official rate of immersion in AkroYogu (tm) (Pau Castellsagué (Catalonia) and Jason Nemer (USA)); - 1 AcroGasm (Lux Sternstein & YogaSlackers) - intensity in acrobatic flight special saturation; - 7 Intensive recognized masters AkroYogi and Akrobelansa (Dieke Bekker (Netherlands), Yanai Levor (Israel) and Lux ​​Sternstein (USA, Seattle Acro), Josh Young (AcroRevolution)).

Also, he studied privately: - Tiago «AcroYoga Flow» (Spain, Barcelona); - Marius Weerts (Netherlands); - Daniel Scott (USA); - Lux Sternstein (USA).

User 2 Israel Acrobatic Conventions (2012 and 2013 г.)

And still not enough to speak, constantly taught and practiced endlessly. And most importantly - a thirst to share their experience and knowledge.

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