Moscow AcroFamily

MOSCOW ACRO FAMILY /MAF/ is an open platform for cooperation between acroyoga teachers and groups based in Moscow.

As a premier mission of MAF we see Acroyoga holistic development and quality improvement in Moscow and far beyond placing a priority on a personal growth and self-realization.

We are a group of practitioners passionate about acro and seeing it as a way of bringing people together, building up a community on the basis of values we share: collaboration, mutual support, honesty and trust.

The MAF core is formed by long-term respectable practitioners, teachers and group leaders representing the interests of all the community members. It may remind of either trade-union or mafia, but it’s MAF core that outlines trends and projects, hosts all big events and implements the activities.

As a living body MAF keeps on changing and growing and its priorities are exposed to revision and amendments. However, the main goals stay immutable: creation and maintenance of integrated info space, building up a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences exploring the creative potential of acro; hosting workshops and events with international teachers.