How practise acro in Moscow (F.A.Q.)

PART I. E-e-e..I’m a new bee. What to do?

1. I saw the photos and videos of crazy people doing some dangerous circus tricks on partner’s feet. I doubt, if this practice is for everyone…
- Most likely you‘ve seen some acrobatic flying elements. Though looking scared and sometimes impossible to perform they can be learned by anyone if desired. Moreover, acrobatic flying is just one section of acroyoga as it is a modern blend of acrobatics, yoga and Thai Massage. You are most welcome to choose any aspect you are interested to focus on.

2. What do I need to be physically fit for acroyoga? - Your desire is most important. However, open hips, flexible hamstrings, strong core muscles and feeling of balance would enable you to acquire a taste for the practice faster. Do not get surprised if you feel like signing up for a yoga course or taking capoeira lessons after your first acroyoga class. General body awareness would let you progress faster.

3. If I don’t have any partner at all…? - Most welcome. You will find partners to play with in a class. This practice is all about interaction. If your friends are not interested, it’s not a reason to give up for you.

4. I am so heavy….My weight would make a big problem for people working with me.
- That is bullshit. It is the feeling of balance that really matters. It works much more interesting than a scale pointer.

5. I am so weak…well, you see what I mean...
Don`t worry. It is just in your mind. Give a try, start practicing and all will come. We promise, many things would happen pretty much from the very beginning

6. Does it have anything to do with Yoga?!
Good question. For sure this modern fusion of practices cannot be a comparable substitute for your personal Yoga Sadhana. But AcroYoga was not designed to replace anything rather to bring Yogic vision and techniques and open a new dimension in contact acro interaction. Finally, “The whole life is Yoga” (Shri Aurobindo).

7. What’s the most suitable wear for the practice?
Any sportswear or yoga cloths you are comfortable with. Better stretchy ones. Get ready to work barefooted. Most likely, you would need chalk…sometime in the future.

8. What’s the point? Just try it out.